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Jun 27

Album Review: Mammoth Grinder – Underworlds

Mammoth Grinder [USA] Underworlds 2013 Full Length 20 Buck Spin Death Metal/Crust I have been rather interested in the crusty style of death metal ever since my first exposure to bands such as Nuclear Death Terror, with their foundations being more punk-based rather than extreme metal and fusing elements of that and death metal to create …

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Dec 11

Album Review: Badr Vogu – Exitium

Badr Vogu [USA] Exitium 2011 Full Length Memento Mori Doom/Death Metal/Crust Badr Vogu‘s debut full length album Exitium is quite an impressive slab of crust/doom metal I have to say, that perfect blend of the rawness of crust, the gloominess of doom metal and that aggression of death metal all coming together into one huge melting …

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Nov 05

Album Review: Doomsday – Doomsday

Doomsday [USA] Doomsday 2012 EP Disorder Recordings Death Metal/Crust A superband of sorts, Doomsday comprises past and present members of such bands as Nachtmystium, Goatwhore and Bones, just to name a few. The band’s debut offering, the self-titled debut EP, was recorded by just over 6 days, and is the band’s bleak, apocalyptic vision of the future of mankind. …

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May 07

Album Review: Hellcrawler – Wastelands

Hellcrawler [Slovenia]Wastelands2011Full LengthHollow Earth RecordsDeath Metal/Crust Crusty death metal seems to be all the rage now, with bands like Hot Graves and Bones displaying their chops with their recent high quality releases. Even little known regions (for metal, at least) such as Slovenia are starting to see their share of these genres, with Hellcrawler releasing their debut full …

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Feb 17

Album Review: Bones – Bones

Bones [USA] Bones 2011 Full Length Planet Metal Death Metal/Crust Among all the death metal variants, bands that infuse crust elements into death metal are some of those that tend to attract me the most, incorporating some form of simplicity and raw energy of crust with the heaviness and brutality of death metal. Bones is Illinois’ …

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