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Albums of the Month – February 2015

If you thought January 2015 was good, then February was even better despite it being a shorter month. We see high profile releases from bands like Ensiferum, Carach Angren, Enforcer and Melechesh, along with the more underground spectrum of the genre such as Acherontas, Death Karma and many more. Here’s our shortlist of the albums of the month for February 2015.

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Death Karma – The History of Death & Burial Rituals Part I

Death Karma is Cult of Fire’s Tom Coroner’s and Infernal Void’s project, and as their name suggests, they have a certain morbid fascination with death and its rituals. On their debut full length, The Rituals of Death & Burial Part I, the duo discover the rituals of six countries and cultures – Slovakia, Madagascar, Mexico, Czech Republic, India and China – and prove their knowledge and musical prowess in the process.

Album Review: Death Karma – A Life Not Worth Living

Death Karma [Czech Republic]
A Life Not Worth Living
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black/Death Metal

Death Karma might be a young band in itself, but boasting members who have played with bands such as Manic Butcher, this Czech outfit is definitely not a newcomer to extreme metal from the …

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