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Aug 21 2016

Blood Incantation – Starspawn

Blood Incantation [USA] Starspawn 2016 Full Length Dark Descent Records Death Metal There hasn’t been many releases of late that have really caught my attention, particularly in the extreme metal realm. The last extreme album that I fully enjoyed was Moonsorrow‘s latest record, which was more of an atmospheric trip rather than what we tend to …

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May 08 2016

Nucleus – Sentient

American death metal outfit Nucleus’ debut full length album Sentient draws influences from the works of Finnish classics such as Demilich and Adramelech. But do they make the mark or do they disappoint?

May 08 2014

Album Review: Question – Doomed Passages

Question [Mexico] Doomed Passages 2014 Full Length Chaos Records Death Metal My impression of Mexican extreme metal has always been its evilness, with bands like Zombiefication managing to put together elements from genres taken from other regions into a sound that stands out with its crushing intensity and added touch of evil and darkness. While taking a …

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Feb 23 2014

Album Review: Adramelech – Psychostasia

Adramelech [Finland] Psychostasia 1996/2014 (Reissue) Full Length Repulse Records/Xtreem Music(Reissue) Death Metal Adramelech was one of those names that I have heard being thrown around since my fascination with Finnish death metal began 2 years ago, and having encountered the likes of Demilich, Convulse and Purtenance, it wasn’t until this year that I finally chance upon their debut, Psychostasia. …

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Jan 10 2011

Album Review: Demilich – Nespithe

Demilich [Finland] Nespithe 1993 Full Length Death Metal 9.5/10 Demilich are one of the bands that anyone who is into extreme metal should listen to. Nespithe, their only full length album throughout their short career, is perhaps one of the main albums that has defined technical death metal. With the complete discography of the band …

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