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Album Review: Drug Honkey – Ghost in the Fire

Drug Honkey [USA]
Ghost in the Fire
Full Length
Ghost in the Fire
Experimental Death/Doom Metal

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I remember being extremely blown away when I first chanced upon Drug Honkey with their 2009 full length, Death Dub, with the wide range of insane …

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Album Review: Drug Honkey – Death Dub

Drug Honkey [USA]
Death Dub
Full Length
Independent/Diabolical Conquest Records

Wow, I honestly have no idea what to say about this album. To the uninformed listener, this could be the very worst and most illogical piece of crap ever written (along with other “nonsense” bands such …

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Album Review: The Dead – Ritual Executions

The Dead [Australia]
Ritual Executions
Full Length
Independent/Diabolical Conquest Records (Reissue)
Death/Doom Metal

The Dead released their sophomore album, Ritual Executions in 2009 independently, and was recently reissued in 2010 by Diabolical Conquest Records, an Indian based record label. Having an album that is reissued just 1 …

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Album Review: Preludium – Impending Hostility

Preludium [Poland]
Impending Hostility
Full Length
Diabolical Conquest Records
Black/Death Metal

Considering that Preludium‘s homeland is the birthplace of legendary blackened death metal and death metal bands such as Behemoth, Hate and Vader, it is unsurprising that Impending Hostility, the band’s third full length release, display a …

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