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Views from the Pit: Asian Worshippers Tour 2011

Date: 16 January 2011
Venue: The Substation
Humiliation (Malaysia)
Draconis Infernum
Surrender of Divinity (Thailand)

Impiety kicks off their Asian Worshippers Tour 2011 in support of their latest opus, Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny on 16th January 2011 at The Substation. This occasion …

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Best of Singapore metal 2010

2010 marks the first year of Heavy Metal Tribune’s existence. Being based in Singapore, it would be a shame to not have a top 5 or top 10 feature on the webzine, so here it is! (Thanks to Subash TBK for the suggestion!)

Top 5 releases

5. Meltgsnow – Black Penance [Gothic …

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Album Review: Draconis Infernum – Proclamation of Encroachment

Draconis Infernum [Singapore]
Proclamation of Encroachment
Black Metal

Draconis Infernum returns this year with their new single, Proclamation of Encroachment. Since 2008’s debut full length Death In My Veins, there has been a shift in the lineup, with drummer Serberuz Hammerfrost assuming vocals and bass duties as …

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What’s Spinning? (May 2010, Week 2)

Every week we will have our editors and some of our guest writers tell us about what they have been listening to and recommend it to our readers.

Band: Vintersorg
Album: Ödemarkens Son
Genre: Viking Metal
Year: 1999

In this second album of the solo project of Borknagar’s brainchild – Andreas “Vintersorg” …

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Guttered Down the Gutters: Draconis Infernum

DISCLAIMER:  The following material might be classified under highly controversial and might offend certain communities. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

(I’d like to thank everyone for your kind reminders that this may land me in jail; like the dude who was racist. However this band that we are featuring is a Black Metal band, …

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