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EXHUMED: Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015 Playing In Its Gruesome Entirety

Following teasers from Revolver Magazine and Invisible Oranges, today Vice Magazine offers up EXHUMED’s Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015 full-length in all its gruesome glory.

EXHUMED: “New” Psalm Sullying The Airwaves Of Invisible Oranges

Today, the rabble-rousers of Invisible Oranges are sullying the airwaves with a refurbished rendition of “Necromaniac” by California’s favorite gore strategists, EXHUMED.
The latest number comes by way the band’s forthcoming Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015full-length.

EXHUMED: Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 – 2015 To Be Released This February

Originally released in 1998, EXHUMED’s now-classic debut full-length, Gore Metal, was a boundary defying offering of filth-ridden, grinding, over-the-top death-metal. Unrepentantly fast, furious and maniacal, Gore Metal gleamed with a delightful audio repugnance bedecked in blazing riff infiltrations, slasher-film-inspired lyrics and vile cover art. It was the record that made Carcass seem PG-rated by comparison and thus certified itself as a true underground classic.

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