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Morvigor – Tyrant

Dutch extreme metallers Morvigor are a rather unique entity. Their sophomore album Tyrant promises to blend the grimness and coldness of black metal of Mayhem, with the psychedelia of Pink Floyd, among many influences. Would this work, or would this just result in false hopes of a unique album?

Album Review: The Moth Gatherer – A Bright Celestial Light

The Moth Gatherer [Sweden]
A Bright Celestial Light
Full Length
Agonia Records
Experimental/Progressive Metal

Agonia Records has been signing quite a few rather unique bands lately, deviating from their usual trend of black and death metal acts with some stoner and doom bands such as Beissert and Tombstone Highway. The Moth …

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Album Review: Portal – Vexovoid

Portal [Australia]
Full Length
Profound Lore Records
Death Metal

Australia’s Portal is one band that one can fuck with even some of the most seasoned metal fan’s head, and ever since their inception in 1994, the band has been releasing some of the most relentless, experimental death metal …

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Album Review: Drug Honkey – Ghost in the Fire

Drug Honkey [USA]
Ghost in the Fire
Full Length
Ghost in the Fire
Experimental Death/Doom Metal

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I remember being extremely blown away when I first chanced upon Drug Honkey with their 2009 full length, Death Dub, with the wide range of insane …

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Album Review: Servile Sect – TRVTH

Servile Sect [USA]
Full Length
Handmade Birds
Black Metal/Experimental

Servile Sect is one oddball (well, at least to me). Breaking the traditions of most extreme metal bands, Servile Sect, with their fourth album TRVTH has broken a number of boundaries, making it one of the oddest bands that …

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