Nuclear Blast Entertainment has announced the signing of progressive death metal masters FALLUJAH. These San Francisco Bay Area natives caused quite a stir amongst the music world with the release of their latest album, “The Flesh Prevails”. It topped several “best of 2014” lists in not only the metal world, but also in the progressive music community, and it won over new fans with the band’s fresh, emotive, and technically challenging music. As a result, FALLUJAH has paved the way for a new melodic and atmospheric perspective on death metal.

FALLUJAH Masters The Art Of Levitation – New Track Streaming At A.V. Club

With the release of The Flesh Prevails, the forthcoming magnum opus from atmospheric death metal henchmen, FALLUJAH, now almost two weeks away, The Onion’s A.V. Club offers up fifth number, “Levitation,” for public consumption.

FALLUJAH: Atmospheric Death Metal Conjurors Uncork New Tune Via Lambgoat

Today, atmospheric death metal conjurors, FALLUJAH, uncork “Carved From Stone,” the second movement from their forthcoming magnum opus, The Flesh Prevails.

FALLUJAH: Bay Area Tech-Death Collective Completes Second Full-Length For Unique Leader Release

Unique Leader Records is proud to announce the completion and pending release of the new full-length from San Francisco-based cutting-edge death metal outfit, FALLUJAH.