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Album Review: Various Artists – Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack

Various Artists
Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack
Ibex Moon Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

I used to be a fan of movie compilations, being a potential source for the discovery of bands that would possibly interest me enough to find out more about them. However, the liking for compilations eventually …

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Interview with Feral

Feral started off as Valmer & Hook, initially intended to be a joke band before the masterminds behind the band decided to turn serious and changed the band name to Feral. The band is set to release their debut full length album, Dragged to the Altar this late April, and we manage to catch Hook …

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Album Review: Feral – Dragged to the Altar

Feral [Sweden]
Dragged to the Altar
Full Length
Ibex Moon Records
Death Metal

Before listening to this album, I have never heard of Feral‘s brand of music before. After learning that the band had started off as a joke band, I was slightly apprehensive, not knowing what …

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