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Apr 28

Moonsorrow – Jumalten aika

Moonsorrow returns after 5 years with their seventh full length album, Jumalten aika. The band’s brand of epic black/pagan metal proves that the long wait is well worth it, as they put out what is possibly their best work in their careers thus far.

Mar 29

Album Review: Bloodshed Walhalla – The Battle Will Never End

Bloodshed Walhalla - The Battle Will Never End

Bloodshed Walhalla [Italy]
The Battle will Never End
Full Length
Fog Foundation
Viking Metal

With a name like Bloodshed Walhalla, anyone familiar with the history of extreme metal would already know what to expect from this Italian viking metal horde. Band mastermind Drakhen also doesn’t shy away from proudly …

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Mar 13

Album Review: Panychida – Grief for an Idol

Panychida - Grief for an Idol

Panychida [Czech Republic]
Grief for an Idol
Full Length
Paragon Records
Pagan Metal

Czech Republic has surprised me quite a bit last year, with the release of Cult of Fire‘s newest Vedic-inspired sophomore album, easily rivalling gods of Vedic metal, Rudra and their experimental release RTA. Along with my recent obsession …

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Jan 07

Album Review: Falkenbach – Asa

Falkenbach - Asa

Falkenbach [Germany]
Full Length
Prophecy Productions
Black/Folk/Viking Metal

As a long time listener of Falkenbach, I was thrilled to hear the news of a new album – “Asa”, its answer to the 2011 studio effort “Tiurida”. Falkenbach is known for its consistently glorious and epic repertoire of …

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Oct 29

Album Review: AlNamrood – Kitab Al-Awthan

Al-Namrood - Kitab Al-Awthan

AlNamrood [Saudi Arabia]
Kitab Al-Awathan
Full Length
Shaytan Productions
Black/Folk Metal

With the recent surge of Eastern-influenced extreme metal and the brand new Rudra release, the interest in such unique form of music is still rather fresh. Despite hearing AlNamrood‘s name being thrown around for a couple of years …

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