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Feb 09 2018

Monolithe – Nebula Septem

With a refreshed lineup, France’s Monolithe returns with their seventh release, Nebula Septem. The album’s theme revolves around the number seven, with 7 tracks that are 7 minutes each, and a lineup that boasts 7 members. Gimmicks aside, would the band impress? Fortunately so, as they unleash 49 minutes of pure, dark, doom metal.

Nov 05 2017

Aosoth – V: The Inside Scriptures

After four long years, the great Aosoth are finally back with V: The Inside Scriptures. With their last album IV: An Arrow in Heart being a French black metal masterpiece, will Aosoth live up to their death/thrashy expectations? Our extreme metal specialist Prab gives you a sneak peak.

Nov 11 2014

Album Review: Darkenhöld – Castellum

Darkenhöld [France] Castellum 2014 Full Length Those Opposed Records Black Metal Claiming to play “authentic middle age black metal”, French black metal band Darkenhöld this year releases their brand new full length album, Castellum, presenting a style that is vastly different than the what has become the known as the French style of bands like Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega. …

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Oct 25 2014

Album Review: Skelethal – Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity

Skelethal [France] Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity 2014 EP Iron Bonehead Productions Death Metal Earlier this year, French death metal maniacs Skelethal surprised me with their excellent EP release Deathmanicvs Revelation, leaving me craving for even more of the abrasiveness and darkness that was on that record. A short half year later, the band followed up with …

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Apr 08 2014

Album Review: A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm – La came crude

A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm [France] La came crude 2014 Full Length Peccata Mundi Records Sludge/Doom Metal Even before listening to the band, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm already caught my attention with it’s extremely long name, with their sophomore full length album La came crude being a single, epic 45-minute track. And …

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