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Monolithe – Nebula Septem

With a refreshed lineup, France’s Monolithe returns with their seventh release, Nebula Septem. The album’s theme revolves around the number seven, with 7 tracks that are 7 minutes each, and a lineup that boasts 7 members. Gimmicks aside, would the band impress? Fortunately so, as they unleash 49 minutes of pure, dark, doom metal.

Album Review: Dreams After Death – Embraced by the Light

Dreams After Death [Hungary]
Embraced by the Light
Full Length
Endless Winter
Funeral Doom Metal

Embraced by the Light is Hungarian funeral doomster, Dreams After Death’s debut album. Heavy on atmospherics and intensity, slow and plodding in true funeral fashion, this album is filled with much crushing …

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Album Preview: J – Schism of Precepts

From humble beginnings as a bedroom guitarist, J eventually progressed beyond music making and assembled his own home studio. Releasing a few covers in 2008, J gained sufficient experience to finally record, mix and produce his first demo, Apotropaic, in 2009. Heavily influenced by funeral doom and sludge such as YOB, Colosseum, The Funeral Orchestra, …

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