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Interview with Nothgard

Nothgard has proven themselves to be one force to be reckoned with, through the release of their debut full length album, Warhorns of Midgard. Featuring folk metal with a Scandinavian flavour, yet adding their own unique and surprising elements into their music, Warhorns of Midgard is 1 hour of enjoyable, quality folk metal. We talk …

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Album Review: Nothgard – Warhorns of Midgard

Nothgard [Germany]
Warhorns of Midgard
Full Length
Black Bards
Melodic Death/Folk Metal

Folk metal’s reach has travelled far since it’s increasing popularity in Scandinavian regions, with bands such as Ensiferum, Turisas and Finntroll gaining attention from the global metal scene for their fusion of extreme metal elements into their …

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Album Review: Ruins – Chambers of Perversion

Ruins [Germany]
Chambers of Perversion
Negative Existence
Black/Thrash Metal

Negative Existence markets Chambers of Perversion as one that has captured the essence of bands such as (early) Sodom and Bathory, so one can expect no less than a masterpiece on Ruins‘ 2010 EP offering.

Chambers of …

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Album Review: Lifeless – Beyond the Threshold of Death

Lifeless [Germany]
Beyond the Threshold of Death
Full Length
Independent/Ibex Moon Records (Reissue)
Death Metal

Lifeless‘ debut album, Beyond the Threshold of Death was originally self-released by the band in June 2008, yet within 2 years this album has been reissued by Ibex Moon Records, home also …

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Interview with Negator

Negator was formed in 2003, yet in a short 8 years, all 3 of the band’s releases have been met with critical acclaim, with the latest release being the opus Panzer Metal. We talk to Nachtgarm, vocalist and drummer to learn more…

HMT: Greetings Nachtgarm, thank you for giving us this opportunity to …

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