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Album Review: Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Bulldozer

Metalucifer [Japan/Germany]
Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Full Length
RIP Records/Holycaust Records/Iron Pegasus Records
Heavy Metal

Close to 10 years after the release of Heavy Metal Chainsaw, Japan’s Metalucifer returns with their long awaited third full length album, Heavy Metal Bulldozer, this time featuring 2 different lineups – a …

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Album Review: Falkenbach – Tiurida

Falkenbach [Germany]
Full Length
Napalm Records
Black/Folk Metal

After an excruciating and sometimes bleak wait of 5 to 6 long years for the new album of Falkenbach after Heralding The Fireblade, I finally got my hands on Tiurida.

I think it is ample enough to conclude …

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Interview with MD from Tauthr

Tauthr features 3 members of German black metal band, Endstille yet present to listeners an experience that is far varied from what Endstille brings to us. Having released their album Life Losing in 2010, we manage to catch MD and talk to him more about Tauthr.

HMT: Greetings MD! Thank you for granting …

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Album Review: Steorrah – An Eroticism in Murder

Steorrah [GERMANY]
An Eroticism in Murder
Full Length
Progressive Death Metal

Steorrah hails from Germany, a land more associated with thrash metal such as Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. Unlike these bands, Steorrah plays progressive death metal, fusing music from all kinds of musical genres (ranging from classical music to progressive …

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