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MELTGSNOW Now Available Via Spotify, Apple Music

Gothic metal band Meltgsnow‘s recent return to stage at the Metal United World Wide last month proved why they remain one of Singapore’s premier live acts, despite their years-long hiatus. With their setlist comprising songs from their last release – 2010’s Black Penance – and classics off their 2003 debut Insanity, their live performance left me once again …

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MUWW Special: Interview with Meltgsnow

Local gothic/dark metal band Meltgsnow finally breaks their silence this year at the Metal United World Wide, their first local show in a couple of years now. We catch up with Dannie to learn more about the status of the band, and whether we will get to hear any new material from the band soon.

Album Review: Desoluna – The Desolate Years

Desoluna [Sweden]
The Desolate Years
Gothic/Doom Metal

Gothic/doom metal has never been something that I really enjoyed, and even with excellent bands such as Draconian, I dreaded that extremely slow pace and that entire gloomy atmosphere presented on the genre. Out of Sweden comes another recent discovery, Desoluna and …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 7 (February 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #007!

English gothic metal band Paradise Lost talks to us in this month’s issue to tell us more about life on the road, and their constantly evolving musical styles. Swedish death metal freak Rogga Johansson who heads bands such as Revolting, Megascavenger and Paganizer talk to us about what goes on in his mind and …

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Album Review: Cold Colours – The Great Depression

Cold Colours [USA]
The Great Depression
Full Length
Sleaszy Rider Records
Atmospheric Death/Gothic Metal

American band Cold Colours has been around since 1995, but they have remained relatively low profile, despite the constantly shifting lineup, with only a handful of release to date. Apart from that, the usage of the British spelling of the band …

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