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Guttered Down The Gutters: Meltgsnow

It seemed to us on the previous interview that Meltgsnow is a very ‘tight’ band, with excellent cohesion and band relations. They are disciplined and very serious about their music. If you haven’t already know it, their band name is pronounced as “melting snow”…

The big question is:  “Are they all serious dudes?”


This …

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Interview with The Fall of Every Season

Admittedly, The Fall of Every Season is one of the few doom metal bands that I listen to and actually enjoyed. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Marius, the mastermind behind the creature that is The Fall of Every Season and find out about his craft, and about the upcoming album.

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Album Review: Meltgsnow – Black Penance

Meltgsnow [Singapore]
Black Penance
Full Length
Gothic Metal

Finally having a stable lineup, Meltgsnow is ready to unleash their masterpiece, an album 7 years in the making, Black Penance. With a 7 year gap (and a delay in 2009) in between the first album, Greed for Insanity …

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Interview with Meltgsnow, Part. 2

In the first part of the interview, we got the band to share their experiences touring in the States and the reason for doing so. In the second part, we go in-depth about their personal influences, their Baybeats audition experience and why Meltgsnow is called Meltgsnow.

With the addition of Bexxx and David, …

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Interview with Meltgsnow, Part. 1

Meltgsnow has come a long way since their formation in 1999. With a 7 year gap before finally releasing their new album, Black Penance on Pulverised Records, the crew from Heavy Metal Tribune managed to catch them at one of their jamming sessions. In the first of this 2 part interview, we talk to them …

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