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Sep 27

Album Review: Those Who Bring the Torture – Piling Up

Those Who Bring the Torture [Sweden] Piling Up 2014 Full Length Selfmadegod Records Death Metal/Grindcore Those Who Bring the Torture is yet another one of many projects of Swedish death metal stalwart Rogga Johansson, and boasts among its ranks fellow Paganizer band mate Dennis Blomberg. Piling Up being my first encounter with the band, I already half-expected this …

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Reign of Sepsis

A collaboration work between Vent Box Productions and Sepsis Records. We will be holding a gig this 27th September 2014. Kicking off Part I, we have Down For Life and A.L.I.C.E from Indonesia. Both bands appeared in the recent Hammersonic Festival 2014.Down For Life Bio:“Started with an enthusiastic act for Heavy Music, Down For Life …

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Aug 30

Album Review: Truth Be Known – By Any Means Necessary

Truth Be Known [Singapore] By Any Means Necessary 2014 Full Length MourningSound Records Death Metal/Grindcore Truth Be Known is one of the first local bands that I encountered early into my exploration of local metal, and until today, they remain one of the few local bands that have stayed in my iPod, despite the rather …

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Jun 08

Album Review: Abaddon Incarnate – Pessimist

Abaddon Incarnate [Ireland] Pessimist 2014 Full Length Candlelight Records Death Metal/Grindcore When I first listened to Abaddon Incarnate‘s latest album Pessimist I failed to look through the band’s history, almost expecting Pessimist to be another death/thrash release, so it was really a (still pretty nice) surprise hearing a style that leans closer towards grindcore. With the band’s last …

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May 18

Album Review: Misery Index – The Killing Gods

Misery Index [USA] The Killing Gods 2014 Full Length Season of Mist Death Metal Finally, Misery Index drops their latest full length album, The Killing Gods, coming in just in time with my obsession with intense and high octane death metal, and after four years of anticipation since their last studio release in 2010, Heirs to Thievery. While Misery …

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