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May 18 2014

Album Review: Misery Index – The Killing Gods

Misery Index [USA] The Killing Gods 2014 Full Length Season of Mist Death Metal Finally, Misery Index drops their latest full length album, The Killing Gods, coming in just in time with my obsession with intense and high octane death metal, and after four years of anticipation since their last studio release in 2010, Heirs to Thievery. While Misery …

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Feb 22 2014

Album Review: Spewtilator – Goathrower

Spewtilator [USA] Goathrower 2014 EP Boris Records Death/Thrash Metal/Grindcore From the first encounters with Spewtilator, one would instinctively know that he is in for one hell of a fun ride, especially with their brand new EP entitled Goathrower. Right from the opening riffs of Goathrower, one is quickly treated to some nice old school death/thrash metal, and the …

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Jan 01 2014

Album Review: Exhale – When Worlds Collide

Exhale [Sweden] When Worlds Collide 2013 Full Length Pulverised Records Death Metal/Grindcore While the Swedish brand of old school death metal has kept me charmed in recent times, I haven’t had much experience with the grindcore side of this Scandinavian country, despite the stature of bands like Nasum. Exhale would then be one of the first death/grind …

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Nov 22 2013

Album Review: Lesch-Nyhan – Indistinguished Remains

Lesch-Nyhan [USA] Indistinguished Remains 2013 EP Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Death Metal/Grindcore Finally, after more than 20 years, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions unearths brutal death metal/grindcore band Lesch-Nyhan‘s only known recording, unleashing it to rabid fans of the genre in the form of Indistinguished Remains. Coming out at the same time of early grindcore bands …

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Sep 19 2013

Album Review: Blind to Faith – Under the Heptagram

Blind to Faith [Belgium/Netherlands] Under the Heptagram 2013 EP A389 Records Death Metal/Grindcore/Punk Sporting a rather hardcore or grindcore-styled cover artwork, European death/sludge metal/grindcore collective Blind to Faith this year releases yet another round of chaos with their brand new EP, Under the Heptagram. Honestly, reading the band description did nothing to help me understand or have …

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