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Album Review: Trendkill Method – Affective Arousal

Trendkill Method [Latvia]
Affective Arousal
Full Length
Sonic Blast Media
Groove Metal

With recent disappointing releases such as Icon in Me‘s Head Break Solution and Trials‘ Witness to the Downfall, it definitely doesn’t help in my apprehension towards groove metal as a genre as a whole. I have …

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Album Review: Trials – Witness to the Downfall

Trials [USA]
Witness to the Downfall
Full Length
Thrash/Groove Metal

With the recent surge of bands playing music in the veins of “modern” metal (no thanks to bands like In Flames and Soilwork) enters Trials with their debut album, Witness to the Downfall. Bands like Icon In Me have …

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Interview with Truth Corroded

Truth Corroded recently performed in Singapore – their second time to set foot here – in support of their recent album, Worship the Bled. Promising listeners and fans of a darker journey this time, we talk to bassist of the band, Gregory Shaw to learn more about their history and more about their new album.

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Views from the Pit: Grindhouse II

Grindhouse II reopens this year again, after the successful Grindhouse gig last April. This time, instead of going underground, organiser MourningSound Records decided to go over the top, holding the event at The Arts House chamber, instantly bringing to mind the setting of Exodus‘ music video for Downfall to mind. What better place to …

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