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Band of the Month: The Black Monolith

The brainchild of Truth Be Known and ex-Bhelliom guitarist Damien Ng, The Black Monolith is his old school rock ‘n’ roll project. What started off as a solo project has now become a full-fledged band, and the results speak for itself with the band’s debut, self-titled album (which was released on 1 April, and will be launched at their album release party this coming 23rd May).

Grumpynators – Wonderland

Grumpynators may have a tongue-in-cheek name, but on Wonderland they prove that they are capable musicians and songwriters, bringing familiar Volbeat and Social Distortion-esque tunes to old school rock ‘n’ roll lovers, with a double-bass included to add that unique touch to their sound.

The Black Monolith – The Black Monolith

How do you take an album released on April Fools’ seriously? Yet local hard rockers The Black Monolith show that they aren’t to be taken lightly with their debut self-titled full length, displaying the whole range of old school rock ‘n’ roll influences with superb songwriting and musicianship, promising a 40-minute journey through early rock history.

Album Review: Black Sheep – Black Sheep

Black Sheep [Italy]
Black Sheep
Full Length
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

A name like Black Sheep, with that somewhat creepy cover artwork that graces their self-titled full length, one would almost expect this Italian outfit to be one with an occult-leaning sound or musical style. Instead, Black Sheep on their debut …

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Album Review: The Dagger – The Dagger

The Dagger [Sweden]
The Dagger
Full Length
Century Media Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

We already know the love for the old school with the ever-increasing number of bands emulating the style that Sweden pioneered, particularly in the death metal genre. On the other hand, there is an increasing number …

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