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Album Review: Parris Hyde – I Killed My Wife with a Knife

Parris Hyde [Italy]
I Killed My Wife with a Knife
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

When I received the promotional package of Italian melodic hard rock/heavy metal band Parris Hyde, I wasn’t sure whether to take them seriously or not at all. On top of the CD containing the …

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Track Premiere: Avantasia – Invoke the Machine

Avantasia charmed me with their first two opuses, The Metal Opera series of albums. With The Scarecrow, the band moved to a more hard rock direction, and the previous double-album release, The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon were complete disappointments. Invoke the Machine, coming off the band’s upcoming The Mystery of Time fortunately sounds much better, sounding more like The Scarecrow …

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Album Review: Steve Harris – British Lion

Steve Harris [UK]
British Lion
Full Length
Hard Rock

I’m quite a big Maiden fan, so whenever there’s a new band/project that features any of the Maiden members, I would definitely look forward to checking them out. Unfortunately, the recent Adrian Smith’s Primal Rock Rebellion was quite a disappointment, though Bruce …

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Album Review: Old Head – Maximum Rock

Old Head [USA]
Maximum Rock
Full Length
At War With False Noise Records
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

American heavy metal/hard rock band Old Head promises to bring back the attitude of 70s heavy metal and thrash metal with their debut full length album, Maximum Rock, a promising title indeed, despite the responsibilities and expectations that come …

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Album Review: Edguy – Age of the Joker

Edguy [Germany]
Age of the Joker
Full Length
Nuclear Blast Records
Power Metal/Hard Rock

With the recent spate of weak releases under Tobias Sammet, including 2008’s Tinnitus Sanctus and the recent Avantasia double album – The Wicked Symphony and Angel of Babylon, each album marking his move towards AOR and mainstream hard rock, expectations were pretty low …

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