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Guitarist Spotlight: Paul Danial (Ministry of Rock)

In the final part of our guitarist spotlight series, we feature Paul Danial, axeman for local hard rock/heavy metal band Ministry of Rock. Having rocked Singapore for more than 20 years, and a signature series of guitar with Swing guitars, we talk to Paul to learn more about his musical history and some advice for …

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Views from the Pit: Slash Live in Singapore

Yuda from Live4Music provides his view from the pit at the Slash gig on 2 August 2010. 

The Night Singapore Became A Paradise City

This is probably the closest we’re ever gonna get to Guns n Roses but hell some might argue this could be better. Slash was on top of his game and Myles …

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Guttered Down The Gutters: Joe Suicide

Here comes the second issue! For this month, we managed to catch Joe Suicide during one of his gigs… Joe Suicide It is really hard to keep up with the projects and bands of Joe’s, his passion for music spawns many new creations…and he is not really that young unlike us *grins*. He’s probably been …

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Album Review: Suicide Solution – Shake Well Before Abuse

Suicide Solution [SINGAPORE]
Shake Well Before Abuse
Full Length
Heavy metal/hard rock

Having been in existence since 1995, Suicide Solution is one of Singapore’s oldest (and one of the most well-established) heavy/thrash metal band. Initially started as a heavy/thrash metal band, Suicide Solution began to fuse certain death metal …

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