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Perdition Winds – Transcendent Emptiness

Finnish black metal band Perdition Winds returns this year with their sophomore album, Transcendent Emptiness. That Darkthrone-esque artwork hints towards the musical style of the band, and the perfect balance of coldness, bleakness, and aggression fortunately makes Transcendent Emptiness an intriguing listen.

Album Review: Burial Hordes – Incendium

Burial Hordes [Greece]
Full Length
Hellthrasher Productions
Black Metal

After the last two high octane releases from Burial Hordes, one would almost expect something similar to come out from this Hellenic outfit on their third full length release, Incendium. Proving many otherwise, Burial Hordes surprises many followers of the band …

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Album Review: Kingdom – Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy

Kingdom [Poland]
Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy
Full Length
Hellthrasher Productions
Death Metal

Kingdom‘s Polish origins obviously did not stop the band from exploring extreme sounds from other regions, and this is rather obvious with the band’s second full length release, the aptly titled, mouthful Morbid Priest of Supreme …

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Album Review: Abyssal – Denouement

Abyssal [UK]
2012/2013 (Reissue)
Full Length
Hellthrasher Productions
Black/Death Metal

Black/death metal has often been associated with bands of the Polish veins, with bands such as Behemoth or Infernal War bearing the flag of this sub-genre of black or death metal. But mysterious UK black/death metal band Abyssal

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Album Review: Into Darkness – Into Darkness

Into Darkness [Italy]
Into Darkness
Hellthrasher Productions
Death/Doom Metal

I guess one of the main influences for Italian death/doom metal outfit Into Darkness are pretty clear solely from the visual aspects of their eponymous debut release, with the band logo bearing such a strong resemblance to death metal …

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