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Band of the Month: Hiss from the Moat

Hiss from the Moat epitomises the dominant style of Italian death metal currently – brutal, technical and relentless. Following in the footsteps of compatriots Hour of Penance and Fleshgod Apocalypse, this three-piece act even boasts James Payne behind the drums, and Paolo on session vocals on their debut album, Misanthropy. We catch up with the band to learn more about the concept behind Misanthropy (which has now been picked up by Nuclear Blast), and the philosophy behind their music.

Album Review: Hiss from the Moat – Misanthropy

Hiss from the Moat [Italy]
Full Length
Nuclear Blast/Lacerated Enemy Records
Black/Death Metal/Deathcore

After a successful run with their 2011 EP The Carved Flesh Message, Italian blackened death metal horde Hiss from the Moat returns with their debut full length album, Misanthropy. Already with bands like Hour of Penance bearing the …

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