Album Review: Hooded Menace – Gloom Immemorial

Hooded Menace [Finland]
Gloom Immemorial
Doomentia Records
Death/Doom Metal

Hooded Menace is one of those bands that I have every intention to follow, yet find it tricky with the whole host of EP and split releases that they have. While the band has 3 full length releases …

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HOODED MENACE Announces Compilation Album Details

In December 2014, Finland’s Death-Doom-cult HOODED MENACE will release a complete singles collectionentitled “Gloom Immemorial” through Doomentia Records.
Both a gift to their longtime fans that won’t have to spend shitloads of dollars on EBAY to get a worn out copy of those now long out-of-print titles and a little snack while everybody’s waiting to be crushed by their next album (hopefully in 2015),HOODED MENACE mainman Lasse Pyykkö has gathered all split- and EP-tracks in one place for this CD compilation.