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Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre

Having heard of Bevar Sea a couple of times now, coupled with my pretty long-running interest in the stoner/doom metal genre, it is impeccable timing that the band drops their sophomore full length album, Invoke the Bizarre.

Albatross – Fear from the Skies

Albatross [India]
Fear from the Skies
Full Length
Transcending Obscurity
Heavy Metal

I’ve been following Indian heavy metal band Albatross since their very first release back in 2010, the Dinner is You EP, and right from the start, the band has established their love for story-telling through their music, often sending chills …

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Album Review: Purgation – Exterminated Malfeasance

Purgation [India]
Exterminated Malfeasance
Slaughterhouse Records
Brutal Death Metal

With bands such as Blood Meridian, Exhumation and Heathen Beast coming out of Indian underground, one can almost be assured of the quality of extreme metal coming out of the country these days. Purgation joins the ranks of these bands in unleashing some of …

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Album Review: Reptilian Death – The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence

Reptilian Death [India]
The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence
Full Length
Old School Metal Records
Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Reptilian Death mastermind The Demonstealer is probably more known for his other band, Demonic Resurrection and the Indian label, Demonstealer Records. Yet Reptilian Death has been around since 2001, and after a rather …

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Heavy Metal Tribune #008 (March 2013)


With the band’s third full length album finally released, Koldbrann talks to us about their brand new effort Vertigo and the numerous shifts in musical style that the band has displayed over the course of their career. Old school Finnish death metal band Desolate Shrine is the Sounds of the Underground …

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