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Interview with Devoid

The Indian extreme metal scene is brewing, with bands such as Demonic Resurrection and Kryptos gaining more exposure of late. We manage to catch up with Devoid, a death/thrash metal band that is currently signed onto Demonstealer Records, and learn more about their craft.

HMT: Greetings Devoid! A God’s Lie was recently released …

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Album Review: Devoid – A God’s Lie

Devoid [India]
A God’s Lie
Full Length
Death/Thrash Metal

Devoid is a death/thrash metal band hailing from India, and A God’s Lie is their debut release, and remember to have your neck brace at hand as you load this album into your computer/audio system/whatever.

A God’s Lie opens with an …

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Album Review: Demonic Resurrection – The Return to Darkness

Demonic Resurrection [INDIA]
The Return to Darkness
Full Length
Symphonic black/death metal

Fans of Sam Dunn’s documentary, Global Metal won’t be a stranger to this band. Demonic Resurrection’s The Return to Darkness is their 3rd full length album, and also the final chapter in their Darkness trilogy.

The new lineup

While The Return …

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Interview with Demonic Resurrection

Being one of the pioneering black/death metal bands out of India (where Bollywood films and music are probably the main entertainment exports), Demonic Resurrection has beaten all odds to become one of the most recognised faces in the Indian extreme metal scene. They have been featured in acclaimed film producer Sam Dunn’s documentary, Global Metal, …

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