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Nov 29

Album Review: Existential Animals – Surrealith

Existential Animals [USA] Surrealith 2014 EP Independent Technical Death Metal With the beautiful, yet haunting artwork on Existential Animals‘ debut EP Surrealith by Paolo Girardi, I almost expected this to be yet another one of those atmospheric, yet crushing death metal releases. Yet the band has proven themselves to be a rather unique death metal band in that their …

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Feb 26

Album Review: Dinner Music for the Gods – Beautiful and Treacherous

Dinner Music for the Gods [USA] Beautiful and Treacherous 2014 Full Length Independent Progressive/Instrumental Metal Coming out of the Sin City itself, Dinner Music for the Gods, with its kickass name promises to deliver music that is fit for the gods. But as with bands that have such proclamations, the main question remains: can the band …

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Dec 03

Album Review: Exivious – Liminal

Exivious [USA] Liminal 2013 Full Length Season of Mist Progressive Metal I was extremely drawn to Exivious the first time I heard of them, when I was first exposed to the Dream Theater side project, Liquid Tension Experiment, and my obsession with instrumental metal/rock. 2009 saw the band releasing their self-titled debut, before their hiatus in 2010. A …

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Feb 25

Album Review: Prehistoric Pigs – Wormhole Generator

Prehistoric Pigs [Italy] Wormhole Generator 2012 Full Length Moonlight Records Stoner/Doom Metal Seriously, what kind of band would call themselves something like Prehistoric Pigs? The unique name notwithstanding, the trippy, psychedelic album artwork, intentionally pixelated and blurred created quite a strange attraction towards this Italian stoner/doom outfit’s debut full length album, Wormhole Generator.  Like their many Italian …

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Feb 19

Album Review: King Bong – Space Shanties

King Bong [Italy] 2012 Space Shanties Full Length Moonlight Records Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Metal With a name like that, one would immediately expect King Bong‘s music to be one hell of a psychedelic trip. Space Shanties is this Italian trio’s third full length release, and being someone who isn’t much of a fan of psychedelic music, along with …

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