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Album Review: IronfisT – Weapons of Mass Sexxxtruction

IronfisT [Singapore]
Weapons of Mass Sexxxtruction
Full Length
Embrace My Funeral Records
Black/Thrash Metal

There is a certain obsession with sex and violence when looking at Singaporean black/thrash metal band IronfisT and their debut full length album, Weapons of Mass Sexxxtruction says it all. After almost 10 years of nothing but …

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Views from the Pit: Resurrection II

After the extremely successful Resurrection gig in 2009 (which coincidentally also featured Rudra on the lineup), it was no surprise that there was certainly a certain level of expectation when Resurrection II was announced this year, with only about 2 weeks’ worth of promotional time. However, from the responses towards the event, this was set …

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