Guitarist Spotlight: Qin (ITNOS)

In our 2nd article for the Guitarist Spotlight column, we feature Qin, guitarist from death metal outfit, ITNOS (also featuring Zul – Cynical Sounds). We learn more about his roles in ITNOS, and some of the thought process in music writing.

Check back every Friday as we talk to different guitarists each week!

HMT: Hi …

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Album Review: ITNOS – Thru the Collonades

Itnos [Singapore]
Thru the Collonades
Death Metal

The history of ITNOS goes way back before 2010. In fact, the band was formed way back in the early 90s and had 3 releases in 1994 and 1995 before going on hiatus. It was not until recently that the …

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Best of Singapore metal 2010

2010 marks the first year of Heavy Metal Tribune’s existence. Being based in Singapore, it would be a shame to not have a top 5 or top 10 feature on the webzine, so here it is! (Thanks to Subash TBK for the suggestion!)

Top 5 releases

5. Meltgsnow – Black Penance [Gothic …

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Unearthing The Metal Underground: The Singapore Scene, Part 2

Read our 2nd article contribution to Metalunderground.com’s column, Unearthing the Metal Underground. This time we talk about three Singaporean death metal bands of varying sub-genres, namely Assault, Vrykolakas and Itnos.

Read the full article here!

Note: Hope we did not butcher this one as badly as we did on the first article!

©2010 Heavy Metal …

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