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Apr 23

Blast from the Past: Wintersun – Wintersun

Despite being 13 years old, Wintersun’s self-titled debut remains one of my personal favourite melodic death metal releases, bringing together a balance of speed, intensity, melody, and raw emotions in under 55 minutes. This is melodic death metal done right.

Sep 07

Album Review: Godsire – Progenitus

Godsire [Singapore]
Industrial/Melodic Death Metal

Under their previous moniker, Messenic, I had the pleasure to listen to what this Singaporean death metal horde was brewing, featuring Clarence, who handles vocals for his melodic death metal band Assault, along with TY, the mastermind behind the band. Unfortunately Messenic bore …

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Jun 07

Album Review: Creinium – Project Utopia

Creinium [Finland]
Project Utopia
Inverse Records
Technical Melodic Death Metal

Having already been pampered by so many other impressive death metal artworks this year so far, Finnish technical death metal band Creinium‘s Project Utopia‘s cover looked rather… Amateurish. But as they always say, do not judge a book …

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May 26

Album Review: Divine Chaos – A New Dawn in the Age of War

Divine Chaos [UK]
A New Dawn in the Age of War
Full Length
Evil Eye Records
Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

It’s been quite a long while since I encountered such an impactful modern thrash metal record. UK’s Divine Chaos may have only just released their debut full length album A New Dawn …

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May 25

Album Review: Wretched – Cannibal

Wretched [USA]
Full Length
Victory Records
Technical Death Metal/Deathcore

American technical death metal band Wretched this year releases their brand new album, Cannibal, and only my second death metal encounter with Victory Records. With the band’s past few releases garnering rather impressive feedback, and the current run of excellent …

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