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Fetid Zombie – Grotesque Creation

Mark Riddick – a name well-known in death metal for his grotesque artworks – return this year with his fifth full length album with his death metal project, Fetid Zombie. Simply titled Grotesque Creation, how grotesque can his fifth full length creation be, and does he live up to his reputation as a death metal artist in music as he does in his artworks?

Album Review: Nepente – Suffering is the Seed

Nepente [Colombia]
Suffering is the Seed
2012 (Digital)/2013 (CD)
Full Length
Metalhit.com/Sonic Blast Media
Black/Death Metal

South American extreme metal is not know to be subtle, with some of the harshest and barbaric sounds coming out of the region, and Nepente proudly upholds the tradition with Suffering is the Seed, the …

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Album Review: Deathronation – Exorchrism

Deathronation [Germany]
2011/2012 (Reissue)
Iron Bonehead Productions/Metalhit.com
Death Metal

It took German death metal band Deathronation almost 5 years to follow up their debut demo, A Soil Forsaken… with Exorchrism, and now, a year after its original release, the demo is reissued under Iron Bonehead Productions and Metalhit.com, and includes …

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Album Review: Bestial Holocaust – Into the Goat Vulva

Bestial Holocaust [Bolivia]
Into the Goat Vulva
Full Length
Iron Bonehead Productions [LP]/Metalhit.com [CD/Digital]
Black/Thrash Metal

South America is a fertile land for all extreme metal bands that are barbaric and bestial, and Bestial Holocaust is no different. While their 2006 debut Final Extermination failed to really capture my attention, 2009’s Temple of …

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Album Review: Poisonous – Perdition’s Den

Poisonous [Brazil]
Perdition’s Den
2010/2012 (Reissue)
Full Length
Blood Harvest/Metalhit.com (Reissue)
Death Metal


Originally released in 2010 under Blood Harvest, this year sees Brazilian old school death metal horde Poisonous‘ debut full length album, Perdition’s Den being re-issued under the digital record label, Metalhit.com. With Brazilian metal being pioneered by bands like Sarcofago and Sepultura, …

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