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Album Review: Dying Out Flame – Shiva Rudrastakam

Dying Out Flame [Nepal]
Shiva Rudrastakam
Full Length
Xtreem Music
Death Metal

Mention the genre of Vedic metal, and immediately Singapore’s Rudra comes to mind, having created a sound that is uniquely theirs since 1992. Yet few bands have managed to really emulate a style close enough, with …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 7 (February 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #007!

English gothic metal band Paradise Lost talks to us in this month’s issue to tell us more about life on the road, and their constantly evolving musical styles. Swedish death metal freak Rogga Johansson who heads bands such as Revolting, Megascavenger and Paganizer talk to us about what goes on in his mind and …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 6 (January 2013)

OUT NOW: Issue 6 of Heavy Metal Tribune Zine!

Legendary Swedish death metal band Grave graces our cover for this month’s issue, with drummer Ronnie giving us an insight to the band. We also have Evocation and Acrimonious talk to us about their music and recent releases. In our Sounds of the Underground segment, we …

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Album Review: Antim Grahan – I Wish You Death

Antim Grahan [Nepal]
I Wish You Death
Full Length
CG Entertainment
Symphonic Black Metal

Wow, another Nepalese extreme metal release. This time it’s symphonic black metal band Antim Grahan‘s fifth studio release, I Wish You Death. The band does not waste time in dishing out their brand of symphonic black …

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Album Review: Binaash – Binaashkaari

Binaash [Nepal]
Full Length
Brutal Death Metal

Apart from the symphonic/melodic black metal band Kalodin, metal from Nepal has been rather unheard of for me. Dubbing themselves “fun death metal”, Binaash is the second band that I will encounter from the country, and Binaashkaari is the band’s debut full …

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