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NERVECELL: New Video From Dubai Death Thrash Legion Now Playing

Among Dubai’s most extreme bands to emerge from the territory, death/thrash legion,NERVECELL, is readying for the re-release of their critically fawned-upon Psychogenocide full-length, set to drop via Unique Leader Records next week.

NERVECELL: Dubai-Based Death/Thrash Collective Releases Exclusive Track-By-Track Video Commentary Via Revolver Magazine

With the re-release of their Psychogenocide full-length now just three weeks away, today Dubai-based death/thrash collective, NERVECELL, unleash an exclusive track-by-track video commentary via Revolver Magazine.

Album Review: Cinis – Subterranean Antiquity

Cinis [Poland]
Subterranean Antiquity
Full Length
Old Temple
Death Metal

The year 2014 has been quite a successful one for Polish death metal, what with the return of black/death metal greats Behemoth with one of my favourite releases from them yet, as well as Vader‘s kickass Tibi et Igni. While the high …

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NERVECELL: Dubai Death/Thrash Perpetrators Revisit Their “Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness)” Video Featuring Nile’s Karl Sanders

Dubai death/thrash perpetrators, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically adored Psychogenocidefull-length via Unique Leader early next year. Applauded by Metal Hammer for their, “…thrilling contrast between oriental and musical culture,” and called a, “must have for every metal hornet,” by Legacy, the ten track offering was initially unleashed in Europe via Lifeforce Records in 2011.

NERVECELL: Dubai-Based Death/Thrash Unit To Reissue Psychogenocide Full-Length Via Unique Leader Records In January

Dubai-Based death/thrash assault, and recent Unique Leader signees, NERVECELL, will reissue their critically-lauded Psychogenocide full-length next year.

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