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Jan 12 2018

Over the Voids – Over the Voids…

This cold weather in Singapore (yes, we’re weak tropical beings unable to withstand anything less than 25 degrees) calls for cold, bleak black metal. And what better album to listen to than Over the Voids’ debut full length album? Prepare for some good Polish, 2nd wave black metal madness!

Feb 27 2012

Album Review: The Crevices Below – Below the Crevices

The Crevices Below [Australia] Below the Crevices 2011 Full Length Nordvis Produktion Black Metal Below the Crevices is Australian black metal band The Crevices Below‘s debut full length album. The play on words between the band name and the album title almost made it feel cheesy with the attempt to sound smart, but seeing how band …

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Apr 02 2011

Album Review: LIK – The Second Wind

LIK [Sweden] The Second Wind 2011 Full Length Nordvis Produktion Black Metal/Rock 8.5/10 I’m not going to pretend that I know much about LIK. I have encountered the name a number of times but never actually bothered checking out any outputs by the band. The Second Wind is my first encounter with the band and …

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Jan 29 2011

Album Review: Fen/De Arma – Towards the Shores of the End

Fen [UK]/De Arma [Sweden] Towards the Shore of the End 2011 Split Nordvis Produktion Atmospheric Black Metal 8.7/10 I first discovered Fen when I was looking for bands that sounded similar to those such as Amosoeurs and Alcest, bands that manage to fuse elements of black metal, atmospheric music and post rock together to form …

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