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May 10

Ayreon – The Source

Ayreon returns with his latest masterpiece – The Source, this time featuring an ensemble of notable power metal vocalists, and a surprise guest – Avantasia’s Tobias Sammet! Would this be the ultimate progressive power metal superband?

Dec 12

Album Review: Greensleeves – Inertial Frames

Greensleeves [Brazil] Inertial Frames 2014 Full Length Independent Progressive Metal Brazil, a country more known for their primitive, barbaric forms of extreme metal acts such as Sarcofago and Sepultura to more melodic acts such as Angra and Almah. Greensleeves fits more comfortably in the latter end of the spectrum with their melodic, but progressive style of metal, with Inertial Frames …

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Jul 19

Interview with Pagan’s Mind

Already their 11th year in existence, Pagan’s Mind returns this year with 5th full length album, Heavenly Ecstasy. While 2007’s God’s Equation proved to be a disappointment for many longtime followers of the band, Heavenly Ecstasy provides a nice fusion of technicality and melody to provide an hours’ worth of enjoyment. We talk to vocalist …

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Jun 30

Album Review: Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy

Pagan’s Mind [Norway] Heavenly Ecstasy 2011 Full Length Steamhammer Records Progressive Metal 9.0/10 Pagan’s Mind has a special place on my playlist, being one of the first real metal band that I chanced upon during my initial foray into metal. The album that managed to grab my attention and blew me away was 2005’s Enigmatic: …

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