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Album Review: Chain Reaction – Cutthroat Melodies

Chain Reaction [Poland]
Cutthroat Melodies
Full Length
Six Inch Nails Records
Thrash/Heavy Metal

When I first learnt of Chain Reaction, seeing them listed as “groove metal” instantly put me off. I was never a fan of groove metal bands and was slightly apprehensive about checking them out …

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Interview with ATF Sinner from Hate

Hate has come a long way since their inception in 1990. As one of Poland’s leading and pioneering extreme metal bands, they have fused various elements of extreme metal into their creations to something called their own. With a recently concluded tour, we talk to guitarist and vocalist ATF Sinner to learn about their long …

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Interview with Bart from Azarath

With Azarath’s 2009 release, Praise the Beast, the band marks their 11th year of existence and continues bringing their brand of blasphemous death metal to the masses. Clarence got to talk to Bart, the guitarist of the band to have him share their experiences with our readers.

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