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Tech-Death Madness: Interviews with Archspire and Beyond Creation

It’s tech-death double bill month as we bring to you two of the most highly technical death metal heroes of the year, Archspire and Beyond Creation. While each band presents different face of tech-death – Archspire‘s brutal and intense style vis-a-vis Beyond Creation‘s neoclassical inspired style, the brilliance exuded by each of their latest masterpieces, The Lucid Collective and …

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Album Review: In the Burial – Born of Suffering

In the Burial [Australia]
Born of Suffering
Full Length
PRC Music
Technical/Brutal Death Metal

With a blood-soaked image, Australia’s In the Burial this year releases their debut full length album Born of Suffering, unleashing their brutal and highly technical style of death metal unto the unsuspecting masses. But with the …

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Album Review: Beyond Creation – The Aura

Beyond Creation [Canada]
The Aura
2011/2013 (Reissue)
Full Length
PRC Music/Season of Mist
Progressive/Technical Death Metal

Canadian death metal has always been about Cryptopsy for me, with their landmark albums None So Vile and Blasphemy Made Flesh being some of the definitive albums for technical death metal. Yet Beyond Creation, with their debut …

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Album Review: Stalwart – Manifest of Refusal

Stalwart [Russia]
Manifest of Refusal
Full Length
PRC Music
Death/Thrash Metal


Despite Stalwart‘s long history, being formed all the way back in 1999, it isn’t until this year’s Manifest of Ritual, the band’s fourth full length album that I first hear of them. Metal hailing from Russia is a little-heard of thing personally, …

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