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Album Review: Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy

Pagan’s Mind [Norway]
Heavenly Ecstasy
Full Length
Steamhammer Records
Progressive Metal

Pagan’s Mind has a special place on my playlist, being one of the first real metal band that I chanced upon during my initial foray into metal. The album that managed to grab my attention and …

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Album Review: Levi / Werstler – Avalanche of Worms

Levi / Werstler [USA]
Avalanche of Worms
Full Length
Instrumental/Progressive Metal

Dååth recently released their latest full length album, the self titled “Dååth” in 2010, the same year that Levi / Werstler, the guitar wielding duo of the band released their instrumental masterpiece, Avalanche of Worms, released under …

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Album Review: Ihsahn – After

Ihsahn (Norway)
Full Length
Progressive Metal/Avant-Garde/Experimental

Ihsahn’s latest effort, After is a make or break affair for the long term die hard fan. While this album has gotten heavier with lots of heavy palm muting and crushing tone, it has gotten more experiemntal as well, with lots of saxophone …

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Views from the Pit: Between the Buried and Me

Set List:
1) Obfuscation
2) Disease, Injury, Madness
3) More of Myself to Kill
4) Ants of the Sky
5) Mordecai
6) Swim to the Moon
7) Selkies: The Endless Obsession
8) White Walls

Between the Buried and Me, consisting of vocalist Tommy Rogers, guitarist Paul Waggoner, drummer Blake Richardson, guitarist Dustie Waring, and …

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