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Album Review: Prosanctus Inferi – Red Streams of Flesh

Prosanctus Inferi [USA]
Red Streams of Flesh
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Black/Death Metal

Prosanctus Inferi‘s 2010 full length album Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations instantly caught my ear, with the band’s unique take on black/death metal. Unlike their Canadian counterparts that prefer a brutal and warlike atmosphere, Prosanctus Inferi‘s …

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Interview with Prosanctus Inferi

Prosanctus Inferi was formed by Jake, who also played in bands like Black Funeral and Father Befouled. However, what is presented on Prosanctus Inferi is twisted blackened death metal, reminding fans of bands such as Profanatica and the likes. We talk to Jake, mastermind behind the band to find out more about the band and …

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