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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 3 (October 2012)

OUT NOW: The third (October 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

This month we talk to legendary Greek symphonic extreme metallers Septicflesh and learn more about the creative process behind their new opus, The Great Mass. We also interview Mexican old school death metallers Zombiefication, New Zealand’s fun and crazy old school heavy metal band Razorwyre and have local …

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Album Review: Razorwyre – Another Dimension

Razorwyre [New Zealand]
Another Dimension
Full Length
Inferno Records
Heavy Metal

I remember not being really impressed by Razorwyre‘s 2009 debut EP Coming Out when they were still under the moniker of Gaywyre. However, 2010 saw the band changing their name to a more “serious” and apt Razorwyre, with this year’s Another …

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Album Review: Gaywyre – Coming Out

Gaywyre/Razorwyre [New Zealand]
Coming Out
Power/Speed Metal

With a band name like Gaywyre, it certainly is hard to take them seriously, even before listening to the music. Fortunately, the band decided to change their name in 2010 to Razorwyre, seemingly to display the shift towards …

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