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Nov 13 2017

Necrotted – Worldwide Warfare

Our death metal guy, Prab, wouldn’t consider himself a huge fan of the deathcore genre. Necrotted’s latest album, Worldwide Warfare, is a deathcore album. This doesn’t bode well, or would it finally give Prab a change of heart towards the genre?

Jan 26 2012

Album Review: Grimness 69 – The Bridge

Grimness 69 [Italy] The Bridge 2010 Full Length Rising Nemesis/Sevared Records/Butchered Records Death Metal/Grindcore Italy’s Grimness 69 started off as a band playing hardcore/grindcore, under the moniker of Grimness. But with the renaming of the band also came a genre change, with the band deciding to infuse extreme metal elements into their brand of grindcore, and …

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