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Nov 10 2017

Cloak – To Venomous Depths

Cloak’s debut full length album brings to fans of rock and metal a perfect fusion of black metal, death metal, and rock ‘n’ roll. To Venomous Depths is reminiscent of the recent works of Watain, Tribulation, and Morbus Chron. But how does it fare when compared to the works of these veterans?

Mar 14 2015

Iron Lamb: “Smile now, cry later”

And here’s our band of the month for January 2015, the might Iron Lamb. First catching my ears with their 2011 Pulverised Records debut, The Original Sin, these Swedes are back stronger, groovier and catchier than before with their sophomore full length album, Fool’s Gold. Along with new vocalist Bragman, the band brings us back to the good early days of bands like Motörhead with punk and heavy metal influences. There’s a reason for Fool’s Gold being our pick of January, so let’s find out what goes on behind the scenes with guitarist Johan.

Feb 01 2015

Albums of the Month – January 2015

Iron Lamb’s Fool’s Gold is the album of the month, and here we list down possible contenders as well. What are your albums of the month of January 2015?

Jan 13 2015

Album Review: Iron Lamb – Fool’s Gold

Iron Lamb [Sweden] Fool’s Gold 2015 Full Length High Roller Records Punk/Metal/Rock ‘n’ Roll After the extremely catchy debut full length of Iron Lamb back in 2011, The Original Sin, the band is back again this time with their new record, Fool’s Gold, ready to wreak more havoc with their groovy, addictive fusion of punk, metal and good, …

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Jan 17 2014

Album Review: Nocturnal Breed – Napalm Nights

Nocturnal Breed [Norway] Napalm Nights 2014 Full Length Agonia Records Black/Thrash Metal For the past 7 years, Norwegian blackened thrash metal band Nocturnal Breed has been lying low, having all but disappeared with their previous output Fields of Rot. This year sees the highly anticipated return of the band with their brand new album, their fifth full …

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