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Album Review: Iron Man – The Passage

Iron Man [USA]
The Passage
1994/2014 (Reissue)
Full Length
Hellhound Records/Shadow Kingdom Records
Doom Metal

There is no more obvious way of showing off one’s influences through the name of one’s musical project. In Iron Man‘s instance, rather than the Marvel character that people have come to associate the name …

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Album Review: Terminal Death – Terminal Death

Terminal Death [USA]
Terminal Death
Shadow Kingdom Records
Death Metal

While Shaun Glass is now better known for his works with bands like Broken Hope and Dirge Within, early in the 80s he was in a little-known death metal band Terminal Death, marking his first works in the extreme metal …

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Album Review: Revelation – Inner Harbor

Revelation [USA]
Inner Harbor
Full Length
Shadow Kingdom Records
Progressive/Doom Metal

While proto-doom/heavy metal has started to gain popularity in recent years thanks to outstanding releases such as Ghost‘s Opus Eponymous and the appearance of bands such as Jess and the Ancient Ones, Revelation has been dabbling in the old school …

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