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Apr 29 2017

Evoke Thy Lords – Lifestories

Evoke Thy Lords [Russia] Lifestories 2017 Full Length Solitude Productions Psychedelic Doom Metal The only thing I remembered from Russian psychedelic death horde Evoke Thy Lords‘ last release, Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar! was the lavish usage of flutes, and the heaviness of their music (oh, and of course their themes of psychedelia). Lifestories is their …

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Jan 30 2012

Album Review: Antropophobia – Scream in Emptiness

Antropophobia [Russia] Scream in Emptiness 2011 Full Length Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal My interest in Russian black metal came about after listening to bands like Old Wainds, with the cold and bleak atmosphere that their music often invoke. What we have here then, is Russian atmospheric black/doom metal band Antropophobia‘s debut release, Scream …

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