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Nov 07 2017

Degial – Predator Reign

Degial’s 2012 debut Death’s Striking Wings left a mark on me, being a fan of the works of Repugnant and Tribulation back then. Since then, the band has included a black metal edge into their style, and this is most evident on their upcoming album, Predator Reign. How will this fare for the band? Let’s find out.

Nov 19 2014

Album Review: Horrendous – Ecdysis

Horrendous [USA] Ecdysis 2014 Full Length Dark Descent Records Death Metal American old school death metal band Horrendous left me hooked with their 2012 debut, The Chills, with their flair for playing some nice old school Swedish death metal. 2 years on, they release the follow up in the form of Ecdysis. Along with the recent trend …

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Oct 11 2014

Album Review: Pyre – Human Hecatomb

Pyre [Russia] Human Hecatomb 2014 Full Length Chaos Records Death Metal With my recent obsession with Swedish death metal, it is nice to see and hear that the plague has even spread to the lands of Russia. Formed in 2011, Pyre finally releases their debut full length album Human Hecatomb after 3 years. But on first encounter …

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Sep 21 2014

Album Review: Lavatory – Morbid Terror

Lavatory [Malaysia] Morbid Terror 2014 Full Length Pulverised Records Death Metal True to their name, Malaysian death horde Lavatory‘s music is filthy as fuck, like a post-apocalyptic lavatory left to rot. With the putrid artwork by none other than Daniel ‘Devilish’ Johnsson, one almost already knows what to expect the moment they pop Lavatory‘s debut full length Morbid …

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Aug 31 2014

Album Review: Morbider/Abyssus – From the Abyss Raised the Morbid

Morbider/Abyssus [Czech Republic/Greece] From the Abyss Raised the Morbid 2014 Split Ablaze Productions Death Metal Yet another split featuring acts from countries other than Sweden playing death metal in the veins of old school Swedish style. Morbider, hailing from Czech Republic and Abyssus from Greece comes together on their brand new split, From the Abyss Raised the Morbid to present …

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