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Album Review: Sidious – Revealed in Profane Splendour

Sidious [UK]
Revealed in Profane Splendour
Full Length
Kaotoxin Records
Symphonic Black/Death Metal

Previously playing under the moniker of Seed of Detest, UK symphonic black/death metal outfit Sidious reveals their brand new name and image, this year dropping their debut full length album Revealed in Profane Splendour. With the lineup …

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Heavy Metal Tribune #011 (July/August 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #011

This month we are honoured to have Singahell Barbarian Horde the Mighty Impiety gracing our cover. We talk to band mastermind Shyaithan to learn more about the glorious history of Impiety, along with some trivia about their brand new release, The Impious Crusade. We follow that up with Dark Tranquillity telling us …

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Album Review: Necronomicon – Rise of the Elder Ones

Necronomicon [Canada]
Rise of the Elder Ones
Full Length
Season of Mist
Symphonic Death Metal

In recent years Quebec has come to be known more for their atmospheric/ambient black metal output, but Necronomicon has been unleashing a more violent and brutal form of extremity since their early days, forming …

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Album Review: Wintersun – Time I

Wintersun [Finland]
Time I
Full Length
Nuclear Blast Records
Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal

Wintersun‘s Time I has come close to being dubbed the Finnish version of Chinese Democracy, with the band delaying the release time and again after their 2004 masterpiece, the self-titled Wintersun. Fraught with numerous unfortunate events including the destroying …

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Heavy Metal Tribune Issue 3 (October 2012)

OUT NOW: The third (October 2012) issue of Heavy Metal Tribune!

This month we talk to legendary Greek symphonic extreme metallers Septicflesh and learn more about the creative process behind their new opus, The Great Mass. We also interview Mexican old school death metallers Zombiefication, New Zealand’s fun and crazy old school heavy metal band Razorwyre and have local …

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