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AGE OF SINFONIA Releases Jogjakarta Video Journal

Singaporean symphonic metal band Age of Sinfonia has certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings, watching them perform to a small crowd a few years back at a (non-metal) festival, to performing in front of hundreds on their recent performance at Jogjakarta, Indonesia. To see how much they have improved not …

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Album Review: Trocaria – The Dark Nears

Trocaria [USA]
The Dark Nears
Full Length
Humid Records
Symphonic Metal

If I had to judge an album based on first impressions, then Trocaria‘s debut full length album, The Dark Nears would instantly be one that I would consciously avoid. While the concept behind the artwork is certainly fitting for the album title, the artwork …

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Views from the Pit: Age of Sinfonia @ Noise 2011

Age of Sinfonia performs at Noise 2011, in conjunction with the launch of their debut EP, Capriccio: An End & A Beginning.

With the performance being held at Esplanade Waterfront Theatre, this is probably one of the largest crowds that Age of Sinfonia has ever performed to, and there is the pressure to make sure …

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Album Review: Age of Sinfonia – Capriccio: An End & A Beginning

Age of Sinfonia [Singapore]
Capriccio: An End & A Beginning
Symphonic Metal

The very first time I heard of Age of Sinfonia was 2 years back, at a local festival where they were still with their previous lineup, covering songs from a range of bands …

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Views from the Pit: Age of Sinfonia @ Singapore Street Fest 2010

Heavily distorted guitars, double bass pedals + quick drumming, a rare sight indeed in Singapore at an open air event. What makes it an even more interesting sight was the inclusion of an electric violinist.

Age of Sinfonia performed at the Singapore Street Festival 2010 on Friday, 11th June 2010, their second time …

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