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Interview with Blair Witch

Formed in 2008, Blair Witch are the first extreme metal band out of Taiwan boasting an all-female lineup until the recent addition of guitarist, Chiang. After 3 years of silence, the band has finally released their debut EP, entitled Imprecation. We talk to Ice, vocalist of the band to learn more.

HMT: Hi …

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Album Review: Alien Avenge – Tonatiuh

Alien Avenge [Taiwan]
Full Length
Melodic Death Metal

I’ll admit, I’m not familiar with the Taiwanese metal scene at all, with the only bands that I know being ChthoniC (who doesn’t know them anyway?), Anthelion and Solemn, and these bands play vastly different forms of …

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Album Review: Anthelion – Manjusaka

Anthelion [Taiwan]
Black Metal

Anthelion has a special place in my heart for being one of the first extreme metal bands out of Asia that really caught my attention. Their 2007 album Bloodshed Rebefallen, along with their 2004 EP Bloodstained Anthelion and their contribution to the …

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Interview with ChthoniC

ChthoniC was in town a few weeks back, touring in support of their 2009 release, Mirror of Retribution. Clarence, JJ and Ling had the opportunity to catch them backstage just before their show to have a chat with them about their music and all things random!

(Ed’s note: If you can read Chinese, click here …

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Views from the Pit: ChthoniC Live in Singapore

Its been nearly 10 years since ChthoniC last performed in Singapore back in 2000 for the touring of the 9th Empyrean album, and in 14 August 2010, there they are, standing in front of us. With the release of their latest album, “Mirror Of Retribution” back in 2009 through their new label Spinefarm Records, ChthoniC …

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