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Album Review: Defiled – In Crisis

Defiled [Japan]
In Crisis
Full Length
Season of Mist
Death Metal

Defiled finally returns this year after a long break from studio releases with In Crisis, their follow up to 2003’s Divination. With the exception of guitarist Yusuke, Defiled 2011 features a brand new lineup in the …

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Album Review: Demilich – Nespithe

Demilich [Finland]
Full Length
Death Metal

Demilich are one of the bands that anyone who is into extreme metal should listen to. Nespithe, their only full length album throughout their short career, is perhaps one of the main albums that has defined technical death metal. With the …

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Album Review: ITNOS – Thru the Collonades

Itnos [Singapore]
Thru the Collonades
Death Metal

The history of ITNOS goes way back before 2010. In fact, the band was formed way back in the early 90s and had 3 releases in 1994 and 1995 before going on hiatus. It was not until recently that the …

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Unearthing The Metal Underground: The Singapore Scene, Part 2

Read our 2nd article contribution to Metalunderground.com’s column, Unearthing the Metal Underground. This time we talk about three Singaporean death metal bands of varying sub-genres, namely Assault, Vrykolakas and Itnos.

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Note: Hope we did not butcher this one as badly as we did on the first article!

©2010 Heavy Metal …

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